Our Road to Rio: 2016 Olympic Games

Silver At Santander Test Event

Racing in front of the city of Santander with a beautiful backdrop.

Racing in front of the city of Santander with a beautiful backdrop.

A very productive week of sailing in Santander has concluded as we finish second overall. We have learned a great deal about the sailing conditions here and are happy about our decision to sail this event in lieu of training in Marseille for the 49er World Championships. We are also happy to report that our injuries are continuing to heal. While we didn’t sail this event at 100% health, we were able to make some adaptations to our sailing so we could minimize our weaknesses and finish strong.

Overall, our goal was to learn about sailing in Santander in preparation for the 2014 ISAF World Cup and we accomplished that gathering some valuable intel. The Worlds next year is the first opportunity for country qualification for Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and we want to qualify at this first opportunity. Santander is an incredible venue located on the northern coast of Spain. We are sailing on the Atlantic Ocean along 200 foot vertical rock cliffs which means the sea state can be challenging. We often had three different waves directions while sailing which impacted our boat handling significantly. Each racing circle had their unique quirks and we will try to replicate these conditions throughout the winter and spring to practice.

Ciudad de Santander Trophy

Zach and I are now settled in Marseille and ready for a week of training before the 49er World Championships start on Tuesday September 24th. Compared to Santander, we are expecting more wind to accompany the sea state. Case in point, tomorrow the mighty Mistral is in and sailing looks unlikely. More to come later in the week when we connect with our coaches and teammates.

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We would like to thank the US Sailing Team Sperry Top-sider, Hedgeye, and our friends and family for their support!


Donate for Speed: 2013 World Championships in September

The World Championships in 2013 in Marseille, France is an important regatta for our US team status and our development. We have a big opportunity to improve our boat speed and technique before the racing in mid September. We need financial support through paypal, tax-deductible, and airline mile donations to make this progress and achieve results. Donate for Speed!


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All the best men ;)

  • It is good to see you two back on the boat sailing and having fun. Keep up the forward progress and stay well and heathly.

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